Episode #10: Wood and NASA

Hey! Welcome back, us! And you. Hope your end of December time was good and fun! Our podcast is a bit late due to extensive time spent with family (drinking), celebrating the holidays (drinking), and wishing good for our fellow man (drinking). This week’s podcast is all about famous sayings, types of wood, the furniture experience and NASA. Enjoy!

Episode #8: The Swiss

Chris and Marc talk about beers, again, at the Regal Beagle as well as, full disclosure 2.0. Zunes, French beer, the Swiss, Swiss army knives

, The English Language, Love Actually, Wisconsin, sexy accents, and those damn Canadians.

Episode #7: Firemen VS Lumberjacks

Here’s our special installment of the Brick Room! A whole special day late because of Thanksgiving! We talk about beer spectrum, sports, lazy parents, Firemen VS Lumberjacks and Marc’s life saving mom. Again, recorded at the Regal Beagle.