Episode #13: Cocaine

Us again! Lucky number 13! Here’s our post which will be accompanied by a very relevant image. Again, please listen to the post to understand. Also, this episode for some reason has to do with cocaine. Don’t worry about why, just listen! Recorded again at the Regal Beagle in Mission Hills, CA.

photo 1

(relevant image)

Also, in our podcast we had some questions. Listen and please respond if you have insight to our queries.

Thanks again!

Episode #12: Tough Guys

Hey Gang! Welcome back to the brick room. This week the boys are at it again with their clever observations about all sorts of things. ¬†And also they’re drinking again. Some of these topics include: Silence, being tough and more stuff, I’m not going to ruin it for you, go listen.

Also, here’s the photo we promised in the podcast:


You’ll have to listen to figure out what it means!

See you again next week!

This is awkward.

Happy Holidays! So, the funny thing is we were totally ready to post another podcast but we were a little busy turning our clocks forward a year. So our last hiatus of the holiday season, coincidentally, is our first of the year. See you all next week! Err… hear you all next week… Well you’ll be hearing us next week… There! Ok, bye.