Episode #16: President’s Day

Hello everyone!

Today we were a bit late, but it was in remembrance of all of our presidents who were presiding over our country during the month of February. We talk about a lot this podcast and it shows with our 45 minute podcast this week! A lot of stuff like hobos and working out and the days of the week. Enjoy!

Episode #15: Travel

Hey all! Here we are! We were a little distracted this time out and we have a lot to say about beers and driving and other such things like comparing and contrasting various means of travel. How was your weekend? Enjoy your new week with something sweet from The Brick Room.

Episode# 14: Beer

Here we are again! How about that super bowl, amirite?

SO this weeks post is a bit late, but not because of the weather, super bowl, or Russia or anything like that. But because of poor time management skills.

So here’s another photo:

photo 2

(another photo)

Again, this week we tackle the tough issues, like beer!