Episode #21: Return From Chicago

Happy April first! There won’t be any tricks, unless you count the trick of procrastination! Do you? Hmm? Well Here is our latest podcast and our first one back from sunny Chicago! Anyway we’re at it again at the Regal Beagle and we’re discussing all sorts of fun stuff. What you ask? Well either mind your own business or listen! So there.

Episode #20: Ben Franklin and The Apocalypse

Hey everybody, we’re live again from Chicago!  Special guest Eric Sablan is back in the Brickroom for a discussion about Benjamin Franklin, all purpose apocalypse survival guide and Chicago stuff.  Check out the podcast and check out Eric’s Illustrated Guide To Killing Apocalypse Creatures  below.

Illustrated Guide To Surviving The Apocolypse

Illustrated Guide To Surviving The Apocolypse

Midweek Update!

Hey guys! We are on vacation in Chicago right now so what we decided to do is do a little podcast/interview with our good friend, Eric Sablan. Eric is an improviser and performer with The Second City conservatory.   We discuss Chicago, moving across country to chase your dreams, and Yelp reviews.


Episode #19: Robots and Time Travel

What is up everybody! Welcome back to another bricky evening! Tonight we were down our usual equipment so this episode is rather visceral and real. We had to essentially film our podcast and convert it to audio. How about that? Tonight we discussed very important subjects like robots and time travel and dog ownership. Fun huh? Sorry if its tough to hear, blame the idiots who take their dogs everywhere. Check it out below!

Mid Week Extra! – Interview

Every once and a while we come across something new and exciting. This week we present to you what we came across: an interview! While recording at the always lovely Regal Beagle, we met Hennessy Harrington, a patron and cousin to Jesse, a bartender at the very same Regal Beagle. Despite having the name of a super hero’s secret identity from the 70’s, Hennessy was very down to earth and interesting to interview. We asked him questions and he asked us questions. All in all it was a little meta and different, but hey, we were drinking. That being said, enjoy the first in a potentially ongoing series of interviews.

Episode #18: Indiana Jones

So this is embarrassing. In the hustle and bustle of the recording of podcasts and the living of life I realized that we posted the wrong description for last weeks post.

THIS week is actually angry drivers, Indie AND unnecessary (or missed opportunities for) movie sequels. So there. Full disclosure.

Stay tuned in the future for more errors and see if you can find them all! Fun stuff tho! We added a little extra content at the beginning of the episode!