Episode #31: Rock Videos

Welcome back.  On today’s podcast we provide 50% more podcast than usual.  We also come to the conclusion that future podcasts may be a little longer as well.  That’s right, we’re growing.  Today we talk about rock videos, the awesomeness of volcanos, and not ruining movies from your childhood by watching them again.  We cover a lot of ground.  Also, remember that cool intro HBO used to play before all their movies?  We sure do.  Check out the youtube clip below and revel in the awesomeness of the HBO introduction.  Then, listen to our podcast.  Leave us a comment, rate us on iTunes, tell your friends…all that stuff.

Episode #30: Private Investigators

Troubles with life?  Relationship problems?  Got people around you can’t trust?  Well, you’re in luck.  Today in the Brick Room we talk about private investigators.  Where to find them, what their life is like, and how they fit into society.  We also discuss brothels and slang, so there’s that.  Give us a listen.

Episode #29: Insects

We’re back after a short break and recording again.  On this week’s podcast we talk about amazing feats of engineering, how humans are at a huge disadvantage in the water, and the cruelty of the insect kingdom.  Oh, what a cruel, cruel kingdom it is.  Give us a listen and don’t forget to recommend us to your friends.