Episode #36: High Tension

Backyard Studio

Backyard Studio

Welcome back Brick Room listeners.  We’re broadcasting from Marc’s backyard.  Not so much grass here, but plenty of tiki torches, comfy chairs, Jameson and Ginger Ale, and good conversation.  Join us today as we talk about sky diving, scientific analysis, and (perhaps the best movie ever made) ‘High Tension’.  We also start to delve into what makes a good ending for a story, hopefully we’ll pick this topic up again for future discussion.

Episode #35: Man’s Achievement

The official drink of the Brick Room Podcast is Jameson and Ginger Ale.  In this episode Marc and I sip on some Jamo and Gingers while sitting in his backyard looking at the warm glow of tiki torches.  We also discuss the driving force behind mankind’s technological advance through history.  We discuss some of the big leaps forward we’ve made from caveman times all the way to driving an SUV around on Mars.  How did we get here?  Listen in to find out, and enjoy a picture from the Mars Rover below.


Episode #34: Sports Improvement

Do you have complaints about football, soccer, bull riding, and countless other sports that are not being run as well as they could be?  Do you sometimes wish you could get the commissioners or the governing bodies of those sports in a room and shake some sense into them?  Well, be frustrated no longer because Marc and I are frustrated for you, and we have the answers to fix the current problems that plague almost every professional sport being played today.  Don’t be frustrated.  Relax, get a beer, and listen to the brick room.

Also, check out the cool homemade iPhone stand Marc made from commonly found pub supplies.

iPhone Stand from coasters

iPhone Stand from coasters

Episode #33: Dark Side Of The Brick Room

We’re back at the Regal Beagle and it’s lovely.  The sun is shining, we have beers, we have potato chips, and we’re podcasting.  Grab a beer and join us as we discuss movie trailers, Marc’s living arrangements, Anakin Skywalker, and bad guys from movies.  We love ya.