Episode #40: Alien Takeover

It’s our 40th episode!  Holy Moly.  We’ll have to do something special for our 50th, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Today’s podcast deals with hovercraft pilots, space travel, and alien strategies for conquering Earth.

Episode #38: Jen Stopper

We’re back!  Also returning is special guest Jen, so join us for a conversation about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and Las Vegas.  The three of us have all been to the The Field Museum in Chicago so you know we know what we are talking about with regard to these four important civilizations in history.

Episode #37: ComiCon 2014 Special

ComiCon 2014 just happened and Marc was there.  This week’s episode of the Brick Room is a special ComiCon report with Marc and special guest Jen reviewing the Con and talking about their various adventures there.  Also, Marc and I also produce short films and sketches with a group called I Can Do Better.  We made a sketch for ComiCon and if you follow the link below the audio track you can watch it.  So listen to the podcast, then watch our video, then have a great day.  Cheers,



Watch our sketch here:  I Can Do Better ComiCon Sketch.

Superman Vs ...