Episode #45: Advancement Through Beer

Hey everyone, we’re back at the Regal Beagle and we’re drinking beer.  There is a beer you should know about called Treasure Chest which donates a portion of it’s proceeds to fight breast cancer.   We think every public interest project should be funded, in part, from beer proceeds and we discuss how NASA can capitalize on this idea to jump us forward in space technology.  We also have an interesting discussion on the future of space travel and space tourism.  Give us a listen and drink beer for society.

Episode #44: Greatest Movie Ever – CFTG

Deep inside the Regal Beagle.  That’s where we are today.  It’s hotter than balls outside so we are broadcasting from inside and enjoying some great air conditioning and beer. Beer is basically just air conditioning for the inside of your body.  Join us today as we discuss exploring volcanos, how to make everything cheap, how to commit crime with your suped up, super tuned car, and the next great American movie.

Episode #43: Football and Sports

Happy football season.  Football is back and so is The Brick Room.  We don’t really know anything about football.  But that’s ok!  We have plenty of other stuff to talk about.  How about the Olympics and the nature of sports fandom in general?  Ok, so we talk about sports a little bit, but as quasi-interested/uninterested sports fans we certainly have our take.  Listen in and hear it.

Episode #42: Advertising

Brick Room Listeners, what do you think of commercials?  We have plenty of opinions about the things we watch on TV in between what we are watching on TV.  Those advertisers are ingenious, but not as ingenious as the Brick Room.  Tune in for a discussion of the fine art of advertising, preceded by a discussion of the fine art of drinking.

Episode #41: James Earl Jones

Happy Labor Day Brick Room listeners!  We hope you enjoyed your long weekend and you day off from labor.  Coming straight off the long weekend we have a very serious discussion about James Earl Jones, United States currency, and conspiracy theorists.  I don’t know if we figure anything out, but we certainly talk about it.

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