Episode #48: Prostituting

Brick Room listeners, do you ever think about the world’s oldest profession?  We do, and we start this week’s podcast with a great analysis of a business that’s as old as time itself.  We then move on to discuss life as a wealthy person, Google Glass, and the current and future state of all of our smart phones and personal technology.  Give us a listen.

Episode #47: A Tale Of Three Bondies

Welcome back Brick Room listeners.  We took last weekend off but now we’re back, and not only that, we have a special episode today.  Today’s episode comes to you from three different cities.  Marc does the podcast from San Francisco, Chris does it from San Diego, and we bring back our friend Eric who calls in from Chicago.  Eric has been on the podcast before and is an incredibly talented improviser, as well as a dear friend to both of us.  So grab your beer and sit back to listen to our three city podcast.


Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day, Brick Room listeners.  If you have Monday off, congratulations! Do something cool with your day.  If you don’t have Monday off, that sucks, what can we say?  Here in the Brick Room, we’re taking the weekend off.  But, never fear!  The Brick Room will be back next week and we will have a super duper special episode so be sure to tune in.  Cheers.



Episode #46: P@s$w*rd

Howdy.  The Brick Room is back.  We are in Marc’s backyard and it’s so awesome.  We have Jameson and Ginger Ales, we have tiki torches (unlit this time but they’re still there), and we have interesting conversation.  Today we help you pick a great passcode for your phone and your different logins and we discuss the nature of illness and how to keep yourself healthy.   Also, we’re on twitter now.  Follow us here:


Thanks for listening.