Best Of The Brick Room: Firemen vs. Lumberjacks

Happy Thanksgiving, Brick Room Listeners.  We’re stuffed full with turkey and booze so we aren’t recording this week.  Instead, we’re reposting one of our favorite episodes.  Ever wonder which is better:  firemen or lumberjacks?  Don’t worry, we have the answer and we talk all about it.  Grab yourself some leftover turkey or pumpkin pie, pour yourself a drink, and listen in.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Episode #52: Movie Love

Jamo And Ginger is the official drink of the Brick Room Podcast and this week we explore a little bit about what makes a good drink.  After that, we get into the portrayal of love in movies (Hollywood loves a good love story) and then discuss a little bit of the Marvel Movie Universe.  Make yourself a Jamo and Ginger and join us for a great drink and good conversation.  Here’s to you, Brick Room Listeners.

Episode #51: Crime v1.0

Crime doesn’t pay, Brick Room listeners.  But if you’re gonna do crime, wouldn’t it nice if you could have a more pleasant experience?  In this episode we discuss the ways modern technology could be used to add a more social aspect to the world of crime.  Also, how does one even get started with a lucrative crime career in the first place?  Not just knocking over 7-11 stores, which is stupid and lame and probably doesn’t pay that well, but Danny Ocean style major crime that a person could actually live off of.  Listen in and find out.

Episode #50: CGI

Happy 50th, Brick Room listeners!  It’s our 50th episode.  This feels like a milestone to us and we’re pretty happy to have kept the podcast going so consistently.  We thought about doing something special to mark the occasion but then we figured, no, we’ll just save that for the 100th episode.  So today’s podcast is our usual high quality rambling.  Today we discuss CGI in movies, a social aspect of video games that used to exist but doesn’t any longer, and an unfortunate side effect of facebook and twitter on modern day life.  Grab a beer, listen in, happy anniversary.

Episode #49: The Terminator Paradox

The future is not set.  Except for this podcast because last week we said we would talk about The Terminator and, this week, we did.  The Terminator is one of the greatest movies ever.  The movie involves time travel and a major plot point of the story hinges upon a paradox.  That paradox has always bothered us but Marc has a very elegant theory about how the story can exist without a paradox.  This is a great theory and not only do we explore Marc’s theory but also how the future of The Terminator universe could have been vastly altered had the events of The Terminator gone just a little bit differently.  Grab a beer, take a listen, cheers.