Best Of The Brick Room: Mother Nature Is Mean

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and all that stuff!  We hope you’re enjoying your holiday season, we certainly are.  This week we are posting another “best of” episode since we are busy loosening our belts and refilling our cups of Jamo & Ginger.  In this episode we talk in depth about the insect kingdom.  We discuss the science behind different insect behaviors and comment on mother nature’s unbelievable cruelty.  We also discuss BBQ and sea life, so there’s that too.  Enjoy the episode, see you in 2015!

Episode #55: Eric Sablan and Chris George

Merry Christmas, Brick Room Listeners!  We have a special holiday-cast for today’s episode.  Joining us in the Brick Room today are special guests Eric Sablan and Chris George.  In addition to being great friends of ours Eric and Chris are our former team mates from the Sunday Company at National Comedy Theater, which is where we all met.  Eric and Chris are talented improvisors who have both studied at iO in Chicago, as well as The Second City.  We’re excited to have the gang back together for a pre-Christmas podcast so grab your beer and join us for a fun conversation about other nations and Eric’s hair.

Episode #54: Horror Movies

It’s a storm in The Brick Room!  We’re recording outside today and it’s absolutely pouring rain in San Diego.  And by pouring rain we mean it’s kind of spritzing just a little bit of moisture from the clouds onto the ground in sort of a mist form.  But we won’t let the storm of the century stop us from recording.  Grab a hot drink and listen to us discuss how to handle food during the apocalypse, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, finding yourself suddenly successful in the movie business, and what it is that makes a horror movie or a suspense movie great.  Thanks for listening you guys and check out the labels on the beer we were drinking.  As Marc said, these labels look like they belong on a bottle of alcohol in a Disney movie.

Cartoon Beer

Cartoon Beer

Episode #53: Movie Re-Casting

They’re rebooting the Terminator franchise over there in Hollywood (kind of rebooting it) and after viewing the trailer for the new movie it got us thinking.  If very well known movies and movie franchises were rebooted, who would we cast in those iconic rolls we’ve all come to love?  Who would you cast today to be Sarah Conner or Kyle Reese, or beloved characters from Star Wars like Han Solo or Darth Vadar?  Today we discuss some of our reboot casting choices.  Listen to the show and then email us your casting choices.  Who would you cast in your favorite movie if it got a modern day Hollywood reboot?  Leave us a note in the comments and let us know what you think.