Episode #58: Style and Accents

This week we have a great discussion about artistic style.  We talk about how certain musicians and certain film makers have a voice that is distinctive to them and immediately recognizable.  We also talk about how rapidly our real future is catching up to the future portrayed in movies.  Next we move on to talking about U.S. accents and we quickly come to an agreement on which is the best one.  What’s your favorite U.S. accent?  Is it the same as ours?  Listen in and let us know what you think in the comments.  Finally, we wrap up the podcast with a short discussion of the golden rule and general advice for life.

Episode #57: Animal Reputations

Let’s change it up a bit, this week we’re broadcasting from a new bar in San Diego called Sidecar.  Sidecar is owned and run by the same people that own and run the Regal Beagle.  So, maybe we aren’t branching out too much, but hey, it’s still new.

In this episode we discuss tigers, lions, killer whales, and pandas.  We also talk about Mark Hamill, Eddie Furlong, and the success of The X-Files

and CSI tv series.

Listen to today’s episode, tell your friends about us, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the killer whale gifs we talked about in today’s episode.

Whales using teamwork.

Whales using teamwork.

The very definition of defeat.  So sad.

The very definition of defeat. So sad.

Episode #56: Vacations and Crime

Happy New Year, Brick Room Listeners!  We’re back in the Brick Room after a nice break and ready to make many more excellent podcast episodes in 2015.

This time we’re back in the Regal Beagle.  We’re having a drink and talking about our memories of Christmas Break and summer vacation from when we were in school.  We also talk about the length of life and changes we’ve noticed in technology, in our perception of time, and the way our bodies process food.  Looks like we’re a little reflective of life as this new year starts.

Finally, we wrap it up talking about hackers, high proficiency criminals, and reaching the pinnacle of a criminal career.

Grab a New Year’s drink and join us for a great discussion!