Episode #64: Radiation

Welcome back, Brick Room Listeners!  Grab a beer and settle in for a great episode that covers everything from good music and how to listen to it, risks of traveling to Mars, the most important safety device you probably don’t own, and what group of people comprise the typical hollywood movie crew of characters assembled to save the world from natural disaster.  That’s right, we cover it all this week.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  Let’s get to the show:

Episode #63 – Special: Jupiter Ascending

This podcast is all about Jupiter Ascending.  We had been hearing a lot on the internet about this movie and we decided to see for ourselves just how good or bad it is.  In this podcast we talk all about the movie and we have MANY thoughts.  We also have a special guest on this episode.  Our friend and fellow actor/improvisor, Gordon Fitzgerald joins us for the podcast today.  You don’t want to miss this episode.  Hear our thoughts, then go see the movie, or vice versa.  All right:  let’s talk about Jupiter Ascending!

Episode #62: Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff.  We’ve all seen it in movies and TV.  One guy pulls a gun, another guy pulls a gun, a third guy pulls a gun, next thing you know you’ve got a bunch of guys all standing around pointing guns at each other.  No one wants to shoot, but no one’s willing to leave or put their gun down.  Or, what about the guy who walks into a room full of dangerous people and pulls out a grenade and arms it.  Guys point their guns at him, but then what.  Mexican Standoff, that’s what.  Today’s podcast is all about the Mexican Standoff.  What are the best tactics?  How do you survive?  How do movies handle this scenario?  And just how effective is a grenade in this situation?  We cover it all.  You want to have a Mexican Standoff?  Listen to us first!