Episode #68: Kingdom-Con Special

Our special guest on today’s podcast is Ross Thompson, founder / creator of Kingdom-Con.  Kingdom-Con is a four day table top gaming convention that takes place every year in San Diego.  We talk with Ross about how and why he started Kingdom Con and get his thoughts on gaming and pop culture.  Kingdom-Con is being held at the Mission Valley Crown Plaza Hotel in San Diego.  You can visit the Kingdom-Con website here:  Kingdom-Con 2015.

Episode #67: Movies and Clint Eastwood

Hooray, The Brick Room is back once again.  We’re excited for the Brick Room.  You know what we aren’t really excited for?  Movies coming out in 2015.  For some reason, nothing is really grabbing our attention and demanding our presence in the theater.  Sure, we are looking forward to some new movies (Star Wars, Avengers 2, Mad Max) but we’re kind of surprised there isn’t more we’re looking forward to, especially since it’s only April and the whole year stretches out before us.  We also discuss Clint Eastwood films.  Not necessarily films he acted in, but ones he directed.  Grab your drink and let’s talk about movies!

Episode #66: The Human Body

Human biology…it’s fascinating.  In this episode we explore the inner workings of our fascinating bodies.  How do all our organs work together to keep us alive?  To keep us healthy?  Strap yourselves in for a lively discussion of the miracle that is our biology.

Episode #65: Death and Gordy

This episode gets deep, everybody.  In today’s episode Gordy is back as a special guest, you’ll remember him from the Jupiter Ascending podcast.  We get into an interesting conversation about death.  Where do we go when we die, how will we die, why do we die?  It’s deep but we’re not all serious.  There’s plenty of humor too (this is still a comedy podcast after all).  Class it up for this one.  Grab a whiskey or scotch and take a listen to this: