Episode #78: Undead Creatures And Accents w/ Eric Sablan

Previous guest, Eric Sablan, is back for this week’s episode of the Brick Room.  The conversation starts off with the disgusting ways fast food companies come up with to make new menu items and the damage those “food” items can wreak on your digestive system.  Then the conversation turns to zombies.  On a previous episode of the Brick Room Eric pointed out that just about any monster or undead creature can be killed by cutting off its head or stabbing it through the heart, therefore, any creature you kill should be killed in that manner.  Solid advice.  Today we discuss the best cities to survive the apocalypse in, as well the fashion sense of zombies and other undead creatures.  Following that we observe how the internet is turning people into impatient ignorant assholes and then discuss what a Golden Girls themed bar would look like.  Finally, we finish up by talking about accents and impressions and doing a few of our own.  Brace yourselves, I don’t think any of us will be performing as impersonators in Vegas any time soon.  Grab a drink and thanks for listening!

Episode #77: Money


This week’s podcast is all about cash money.  Marc and Chris start off talking about radio voices, then quickly get into a discussion about money and how much space it takes up.  How much would a million dollars weigh?  If you robbed a bank how many bags would you need to carry a million dollars?  Two million dollars?  The guys also talk about currency in coin form. Would it be better if our one and five dollar pieces were coins instead of bills?  Marc and Chris also come to the conclusion that the US Treasury should reintroduce the 500 dollar bill.  Finally, the discussion turns to Star Wars because in the end, everything is always about Star Wars.  The guys talk about Republic Credits and paying your way in a galaxy far, far away,

Best Of The Brick Room: Chute For The Gold

Hello Brick Room.  It was a busy weekend for us with traveling and comic-con and stuff so we had to take a week off.  But never fear, we’ve posted a best of episode for your enjoyment and this episode is one of our very favorites from all time.  We’ve actually been kind of looking forward to putting this one up again and now we have a reason to do it.  Take a listen, we’ll be back with all new content next week!

Episode #76: 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July!  Happy Birthday America.  In honor of today’s special day we’ve got a Brick Room podcast that celebrates the might of this great nation against any would be challengers.  Enjoy the fireworks and your BBQ food, and enjoy the Brick Room.