Episode #78: Undead Creatures And Accents w/ Eric Sablan

Previous guest, Eric Sablan, is back for this week’s episode of the Brick Room.  The conversation starts off with the disgusting ways fast food companies come up with to make new menu items and the damage those “food” items can wreak on your digestive system.  Then the conversation turns to zombies.  On a previous episode of the Brick Room Eric pointed out that just about any monster or undead creature can be killed by cutting off its head or stabbing it through the heart, therefore, any creature you kill should be killed in that manner.  Solid advice.  Today we discuss the best cities to survive the apocalypse in, as well the fashion sense of zombies and other undead creatures.  Following that we observe how the internet is turning people into impatient ignorant assholes and then discuss what a Golden Girls themed bar would look like.  Finally, we finish up by talking about accents and impressions and doing a few of our own.  Brace yourselves, I don’t think any of us will be performing as impersonators in Vegas any time soon.  Grab a drink and thanks for listening!

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