Episode #79: Terminator Genisys

It’s episode #79!  That means we’re mostly discussing Terminator:  Genisys today.  We start out the episode by talking about fragile ocean ecosystems.  If you are scuba diving in a cave and need to take a leak can your pee upset the balance of nature?  We not scientists, but our answer is yes.  From that discussion we logically move on to talking about the Terminator franchise.  We saw Terminator:  Genisys in preparation for this episode.  Spoiler alert:  we talk about pretty much all of the movie’s plot points in this episode.  We talk about our love for Arnold Schwarzenegger and our love for the Terminator movies in general.  We were surprised by Matt Smith’s role in the new movie as well as some interesting choices made for the plot.  The terminator protecting Sarah Conner basically becomes an expert in physics.  We take issue with this.  Are the terminators self aware or are they just programmed robots?  Aren’t these things just killing machines?  How could a terminator come to be smarter, not just more knowledgable but smarter, than every human physicist on the planet?  In the end, we come to the agreement that James Cameron is great at creating a universe for whatever movie he is making and acting in a consistent way within that universe.  If Terminator:  Genisys had to be made, we wish James Cameron had made it.  Finally, we briefly discuss the possibility of Star Wars spin off movies.  Enjoy this episode and tell your friends about us.  We’ll be back.

** Update:  To hear Marc’s explanation of how the Terminator Paradox isn’t actually a paradox listen to

Brick Room Episode #49 **

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