Episode #80: Space Tourism and Cool Vehicles


We’re back and today we’re talking about space tourism and space advertising.  We’re both looking forward to the day when space tourism becomes an affordable thing.  We’re not looking forward to the day when space is filled with advertisements and billboards.  Some amount of space advertising is already allowed and taking place.  A company could buy space to advertise on the side of a rocket, for instance.  Some space advertising is outlawed.  You can’t put a big billboard on the moon that’s visible from Earth.  We discuss our thoughts on space advertising today.

Then we discuss what we think are the coolest vehicles that have ever appeared in movies.  What’s the coolest car?  What’s the coolest spaceship?  The coolest airplane?

We also have a great discussion about James Cameron and Christopher Nolan (two people responsible for some of the coolest things seen in pop culture) as well as Batman and his moral code.

Grab a beer and let’s preemptively mourn the day we look up into the stars and see an advertisement for Target circling us in low orbit.

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