Episode #81: Planets of Animals


Over time, humans have grown and evolved to develop society, language, learning, and technology, among other things.  What if other creatures, over a long time, also grew and evolved to have those things?  What would a planet ruled by wolves or spiders look like?  What would their society and technology be like?  Some insects kill their mates after they reproduce.  If that insect evolved and developed language and schools and politics, what would everyone think about one sex murdering and consuming the other one?  One day, we might even develop the ability to travel the stars and visit other civilizations.  What would a technologically advanced civilization of pandas be like?  These are the important questions of our day and on this episode of The Brick Room we explore this topic.  Listen in to our discussion and learn about the science of animals evolving to human levels of advancement.  That’s right, we’re scientists.

This is the red panda video Marc and Chris watch during the podcast:

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