Episode #83: Online Dating

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Have you ever tried online dating?  There’s a lot to do if you decide to venture into these digital waters.  You have a profile to maintain.  You have to check your account often to see if you have any messages.  You have to send messages out to other people.  It can be a lot of work.  Of course, some apps and websites try to help you manage the amount of work you need to do by pairing you up with potential matches that you will have a high probability of liking.  Each service has its own way of figuring this out.  Some websites make you fill out long quizzes, others just match you with people who happen to be nearby.  Today, in the Brick Room, we discuss the online dating scene and also spend a little bit of time looking at some specific websites.  As it turns out, there are some dating websites that cater to very specific needs and desires.  Did you know there is a dating site for farmers looking for farmers?  Or a site where you can look for someone at the airport?  There’s a lot of choice out there.  Which website is best for you?  Grab beer, take a listen, and find out.  We might just fix your love life.

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