Episode #84: The Terminator Isn’t Evil


Hello, everyone!  We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.  We did and now we’re back with all new content.  In this week’s podcast we talk about ‘flow’.  Flow is a term some people use to describe the focused mental state people will go into when they are performing a task at their optimal level.  You’ve probably experienced this.  Maybe you were writing something, or building something or playing a sport and time seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.  You completely lost yourself in the activity.  Not only did time fly by but while you were doing whatever it was you were doing you were completely present in the moment, focused on your surroundings, and everything seemed easy.  Athletes seek to find this mental state when they play their sport.  We wonder, can drinking help you to achieve this state of intense awareness and focus?

Next we talk about the Terminator, and here’s the thing:  the Terminator isn’t evil.  It’s just following its programming.  It’s a machine.  The humans in the Terminator movies, however, are dicks.  We also talk about Michael Biehn and how much we are fans of his.  Michael, we love you.

Finally, we wrap things up by talking about sequels and prequels that don’t need to be made.  As much as we looked forward to Promethius we both agree that the franchise didn’t need that movie.  Similarly, Blade Runner, Top Gun, and Independence Day don’t need sequels either.  Perhaps we’ll have to start writing more movies and save Hollywood from their age old nemesis:  rehashing shit.  Grab your drink, listen to the show, and then tell your friends about us.  Thanks for listening.

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