Episode #86: Trojan Horse


The Trojan Horse might be the most famous deception in all of history.  It’s so famous that the words ‘Trojan Horse’ are a modern day description for anything that is used to sneak past security or get into a place it shouldn’t be.  Everything from computer viruses to sports plays reference that one time an advanced civilization with the most impenetrable walls ever know to man got its ass handed to it by some clever warriors with some extra wood and some free time.  We discuss the Trojan Horse and the Trojans themselves in this historically based episode of The Brick Room.  We also discuss how the term Trojan Horse is used in our modern culture and how we, as a people, think of this interesting story from the past.  Finally, we discuss how this tactic, and others similar to it, could be used in modern warfare.  Sometimes the old ways are best.  Is there a reason someone couldn’t use a Trojan Horse in a modern military scenario?  Listen in and find out.

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