Episode #89: What Could Vegas Buy?


How much money do the casinos in Las Vegas make in one year?  We know it’s a lot of money.  What could all the casinos in Vegas buy with one years worth of profits?  Could they build a space station?  Could they fund NASA?  Cure a disease?  Marc went to Vegas for his birthday and his experience in that city got us wondering about these questions and others.  For this week’s Brick Room we both came up with a list of things that were really expensive that we thought Vegas might be able to buy outright or buy in a few years.  Then, during the podcast, we looked up the yearly profits for the casinos in Vegas and compared that number with our research.  So, what could Las Vegas buy with a years worth of profits?  Grab your drink, listen in, and find out.

Best of The Brick Room: Marc’s Birthday and Prostituting

What does Marc’s birthday have to do with prostituting?  Nothing.  But his birthday is this weekend so we have taken the weekend off recording so he can have birthday revels.  Instead, we are posting a best of episode and the episode is about prostituting.  The worlds oldest profession is interesting and we talk about it.  We also discuss what it’s like to be rich and the future of life with google glass, smart watches, and other tech accessories.  Enjoy this episode, we’ll be back with new content next week.

Episode #88: Harry Potter is Science Fiction

Brick Room Listeners, we hope you had a good weekend, especially if you’re one of those lucky people that got a three day weekend.  We start this week’s episode talking about words of wisdom.  What sayings, that we commonly use today, will be looked back on in future times as being important?  Then we move on to time travel and the different types of time travel used in movies and storytelling.  Which brings us to Harry Potter and Star Wars.  We learn an important lesson in The Brick Room today which is this:  Star Wars films are fantasy movies about magic and the Harry Potter films are Science Fiction movies.  It’s true.  Don’t believe us?  You need to listen.  Finally, we talk about what makes a person cool and what makes a sport a sport as opposed to just a game.  Is there any reason poker is televised on ESPN but Jenga isn’t?  Why are soccer and hockey olympic sports but dodgeball isn’t?  Get your drink and join us for the discussion.