Episode #92: Thanksgiving and Horror on the Moon

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  In this week’s podcast we talk a little bit about the pros and cons of Thanksgiving dinner.  What side dishes are the best?  Is turkey really a good meat?  Answer:  no.  Why don’t we have steak or pork?  Or venison?  After discussing the coming week’s feast we move on to talk about a terrifying situation that could have happened with our astronauts on the moon, but thankfully didn’t happen.  When we say “it could have happened” we’re using that phrase pretty loosely.  Basically, we envision a scenario that would scare the living shit out of just about any astronaut, no matter how much of a badass he is.  Enjoy the podcast and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  We hope you’ve had an amazing year filled with lots to be thankful for and we hope you get a chance to enjoy your family and friends, as well as a delicious meal.  As for us, we’re thankful for all of our listeners and are sincerely grateful for your listening in.


Episode #91: SciFi Tropes

Brick Room Listeners, we’re sorry.  We didn’t get an episode recorded last week, due to illness.  But we’re back at the Regal Beagle today running our mouths and drinking beers.  This episode we’re talking about different tropes that seem to show up time and again in science fiction movies and TV shows.  You’ve got the warrior who somehow becomes part of the crew but who doesn’t say much and is misunderstood.  You’ve got the episode where the heroes all get trapped in some sort of alternate reality and they have to find their way back.  You have the one where time is running out and soon the ship will be out of air or it will crash into the sun or whatever.  There’s countless others and every science fiction show seems to make use of them.

We also talk about how awesome tigers are and about how humans are risk takers, but sometimes take too much risk.  Why do you need to fly in a wing suit 2 ft of the ground?  Why jump out of a plane without a parachute?

Below the audio you can see the two videos we talked about during the podcast.


Tiger ambushing its breakfast and man jumping out of plane with no parachute:




Episode #90: Video Games

Video games are not like real life.  Nevertheless, that does not stop video game designers from trying to make them more and more realistic.  However, as the games become more realistic, it becomes easier for the games to shatter their own suspension of disbelief.  In other words, as the games become more realistic the more they stand out in the ways in which they aren’t realistic.  We believe it’s often easier to have an immersive experience playing a less realistic game.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments.

We also discuss a game called DayZ and the ways in which its intense realism has resulted in one of the most interesting experiments in human behavior and human psychology ever.  How do people behave when they are anonymous?  When there are no consequences?  When they can basically do anything they want and have power over other people?  Join us as we discuss the dark side of human nature and learn just how awful everyone will really be in the event of a societal collapse.