Episode #92: Thanksgiving and Horror on the Moon

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  In this week’s podcast we talk a little bit about the pros and cons of Thanksgiving dinner.  What side dishes are the best?  Is turkey really a good meat?  Answer:  no.  Why don’t we have steak or pork?  Or venison?  After discussing the coming week’s feast we move on to talk about a terrifying situation that could have happened with our astronauts on the moon, but thankfully didn’t happen.  When we say “it could have happened” we’re using that phrase pretty loosely.  Basically, we envision a scenario that would scare the living shit out of just about any astronaut, no matter how much of a badass he is.  Enjoy the podcast and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  We hope you’ve had an amazing year filled with lots to be thankful for and we hope you get a chance to enjoy your family and friends, as well as a delicious meal.  As for us, we’re thankful for all of our listeners and are sincerely grateful for your listening in.


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