Episode #96: Alternate Episode

This episode is spoiler free.  We recorded and published two podcasts this week.  If you’ve heard our podcast at all you know that both of us are big fans of Star Wars.  We saw the movie right away and there’s just no way we weren’t going to talk about it on the podcast.  However, knowing that many people will not have seen the movie yet, we also recorded this completely spoiler free episode.

In this episode we welcome back Gordy, who has been on the podcast a number of times before.  We start off talking about what Gordy would do if he became a ghost.  By the way, Gordy wants to be a ghost.  Then we move on to discuss who our characters would be if we were put into a suspense movie.  Would we be the killers?  The victims?

We also discuss the current state of television.  Specifically, we talk about how the best TV you can watch right now isn’t coming from major TV studios.  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime…they’re the leaders right now in terms of quality.  So that’s two online streaming services, a mail order delivery service/warehouse, and two cable channels making original content far superior to what you can find on NBC, ABC, or any other major network.  HBO and Showtime have always had strong original content,  but now Amazon and Netflix are leading the pack as well?  Incredible.  Good TV is no longer made by TV.

Finally, we wrap it up by making guesses about the future of the movie business.  For awhile, every movie had vampires.  Then they all had zombies.  Now everything is a superhero movie.  What will the next trend be?  Grab your drink, give us a listen, and find out the future of movies.  And speaking of movies…go watch Star Wars and then come back and listen to our Star Wars:  The Force Awakens review podcast.

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