Best Of The Brickroom: The Terminator Paradox

Merry Christmas, everyone!  We took the week off from recording but never fear, we have an episode for you to listen to and it’s truly one of our favorites.

James Cameron’s movie, The Terminator, is one of the best ever.  But there’s a problem:  the movie involves time travel and as the film’s course of events unfolds we learn that the entire plot hinges around a paradox.  It isn’t actually possible for the story to have happened as presented to the viewer.  Or is it?  Marc has a theory about how the story of the terminator movies can actually make sense, without creating a paradox.

This is one of our favorite conversations and we know you’ll like it too if you missed it the first time around.  Grab your favorite holiday beverage and listen in.  As for us…<imagine Terminator theme here> …we’ll be back.  (I had to do it).


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