Episode #97 – Happy New Year!

Episode #97 – Happy New Year!


This is our first podcast of the New Year! It’s traditional to celebrate the most on the 13th. Didn’t you know?

I forgot my ‘cans’ and had difficulty judging sound and we discussed the difficulty and horrors of being born on a leap year and how to embrace this tragedy.

We moved on to the differences of the perception of time between children and adults which caused us to discuss the awesomeness of toys and the incredible depths of the imagination of a kid.

Then we go off the deep end, talking about people’s brains and stuff!

This, of course, led to Lego and thus, Star Wars…

Of course…

Anyway, let us know what you think! Enjoy and subscribe and let us know what your favorite toy memories from childhood, or just childhood…

Whatever, no wrong answers!


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