Episode #99: Who Are You?

I’m so sorry everybody.  This week was crazy busy for me and I totally forgot to post the podcast until today.  Rest assured, we’ll post on time in the future.

In this week’s episode we get kind of deep again.  We start kind of light talking about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie and we give our prediction of what we think the movie will be like.  Heads up:  it isn’t going to be a good movie.  That’s when the podcast takes a turn and we go deep.

We talk about what makes someone who they are.  Are you the accumulation of all your experiences and memories?  If that’s true, what would happen if you lost your memory?  What if you had amnesia, Jason Bourne style, and retained all your motor skills but just couldn’t remember your past?  Would that affect who you are as a person?  Maybe you would no longer want to be friends with people you are friends with now.  Maybe you would feel differently about things in life that you really hate or really love.  What would happen to your moral compass?  Is it possible that someone who previously thought murder was ok would change their mind?  What about the reverse of that question?

This leads us to the idea:  if it’s possible to change who you are by altering your memories, then maybe who you are is actually a combination of two or three different people.  There is the “you” who is molded by experience and the “you” that is running on the basic hardware that is your brain.  Maybe all of us are kind of two different people observing each other in the same mind, mashed together into one entity?

We end up going down a couple different rabbit holes in this episode and we think it’s pretty interesting.  Of course, neither of us is a philosopher or neurosurgeon so maybe we’re just full of shit and talking out of our ass.  That never stopped us from broadcasting before!  Give us a listen and then weigh in with your opinion in the comments section.  See you next week for the big ONE HUNDRED!


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