Episode #103: Oscars and Badasses


The Oscars happened.  We didn’t really watch them, it was on in the bar but the sound was off so we couldn’t hear anything.  So, we kind of know what happened.  More importantly, we know who should be getting Oscars for stuff.  We lead off this week’s Brick Room podcast with a discussion of who got some of this year’s Oscars and who should be getting Oscars.

This leads us to a discussion of action movies because one of the greatest action movies ever made hit the screen this year and that was Mad Max:  Fury Road.  We quickly, and unscientifically, determine what the five greatest action movies are of all time.  As we discuss these movies and the characters that are in them we start to wonder:  who is the most badass character to appear in an action movie?  In no time at all we develop a bracket to help answer this import question.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll figure out who wins each bracket position until we know who the most badass movie character is of all time.  Of course, this won’t be the discussion for the whole episode.  We’ll figure out who wins in their match and then move on to discussing the podcast topic of the week.

In this episode, we have match number one from the first round of competition which places Detective John McClane, from Die Hard, up against Corporal Dwayne Hicks, from Aliens.  As expected, this is a good competition.  We announce the winner near the end of the episode.

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