Episode #105: Bracket of Badassery – Billie vs. Mad Max

The Bracket of Badassery continues on.  We’re trying to determine which character from 5 of the most awesome action movies of all time is the most badass of all the characters.  Last week it was Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, from Predator, facing off against the Terminator from T2:  Judgement Day.  And the victor was…Dutch, from Terminator.  Dutch is the most badass of those two characters and so he advances to the next round, which means our bracket now looks like this:


This week we find Billie, from Predator, vs Max Rockatansky, from Mad Max:  Fury Road.  This turns out to be a very interesting match up, as well.  Considering how little thought we put into seeding this bracket we’re pretty happy with the level of competition we’ve been seeing so far.  Let the contest begin!

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