Episode #110: Virtual Reality Movies

Hello, everybody.  This week we are taking a break from The Bracket of Badassery to resume our normal content of us running our mouths about a random topic.  This week its virtual reality and movies.  What will happen if and when virtual reality entertainment systems like the Occulus Rift and its competitors become more popular?  How will film makers take advantage of this new technology?  With a virtual reality interface it would be possible for film makers to craft very different experiences from what we get now from film and also to explore totally unique styles of film making.  The opportunity for diversity and innovation is huge.  Would this make movies better?  Worse?  Would it be more or less engrossing to watch a movie that you were “in the middle of”.

We also wonder…has anyone ever made a good movie based off of a video game?  People have certainly tried and they are continuing to try, but has anyone ever pulled it off?  We think not.  We explain why we think no one has succeeded yet and what it would take for someone to actually make a good movie based off a video game.

As for The Bracket of Badassery, fear not.  The Bracket will return in a couple weeks when we begin Round 2 and continue our journey to find out who is the most badass character from all of action movies.  As for Round 1, our last competition in that round was Private Vasquez, from Aliens, facing off against the Predator himself, from Predator.  Who was the victor?


Private Vasquez was the victor in a contest that started close but ultimately went decisively for the young Colonial Marine.

The remaining match ups are sure to be interesting so be sure to keep listening.  But, we’ll get to that later.  For now, let’s talk about virtual reality and video game movies.

Episode #109: Bracket of Badassery – Pvt. Vasquez vs Predator

It’s time for our last match up in Round 1 of the Bracket of Badassery, and it’s about to get crazy because today we see Private Vasquez, from Aliens, taking on Predator, from…Predator. This is truly an epic battle in the bracket and one you don’t want to miss.  Last week we saw Sgt. Apone, from Aliens, facing off against Mac, from Predator and that was a very interesting match up as well.  Who won last week?


The victor was Sgt. Apone and to be honest, it wasn’t even close.  But that was last week and now it’s time to see one last match up before we move on to Round 2.  Grab your beer and let’s see how it turns out!

Episode #108: Bracket of Badassery – Sgt. Apone vs Mac

After taking last week off to have a very important discussion about the new release of Batman vs Superman we’re back to the Bracket of Badassery this week.  When we last left our competition Ellen Ripley was facing off against Carl Weathers in what turned out to be an incredibly close match up.  Who won?

Ellen Ripley was the victor.  Not to take anything away from her win, but that was a close match and Carl Weathers has nothing to be ashamed about.

This week we find yet another match-up between the Aliens and Predator movie franchises.  Sgt. Apone, from Aliens, faces off against Mac, from Predator.  These two dudes are both totally badass, but only one can be the most badass.  Who will it be?  Grab your beer and listen in to find out.

Episode #107: Batman Vs. Superman

Here in the Brick Room, we’ve been looking forward to Batman vs. Superman for a long time, basically since the first trailer came out.  There’s two reasons for this:  1) we like Batman and we like superhero movies in general (although they are getting a little old and we see this genre coming to an end in the next few years) and 2) we were pretty positive that it was going to be a bad movie, even though we wanted it to be good.

Well, we finally saw it.  We watched the movie with our good friend, Gordy, and then invited him onto the podcast to talk about the film.  We’ve done this before and you might enjoy listening to some of our previous podcasts where we’ve talked about movies with Gordy (episode #63, 73, and 95 are when we talked about Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, and Star Wars, The Force Awakens).

Today, we talk all about Batman vs. Superman so be forewarned, **SPOILERS** abound in this episode of The Brick Room.  Was the movie any good?  Grab your beer, listen in, and find out.