Episode #107: Batman Vs. Superman

Here in the Brick Room, we’ve been looking forward to Batman vs. Superman for a long time, basically since the first trailer came out.  There’s two reasons for this:  1) we like Batman and we like superhero movies in general (although they are getting a little old and we see this genre coming to an end in the next few years) and 2) we were pretty positive that it was going to be a bad movie, even though we wanted it to be good.

Well, we finally saw it.  We watched the movie with our good friend, Gordy, and then invited him onto the podcast to talk about the film.  We’ve done this before and you might enjoy listening to some of our previous podcasts where we’ve talked about movies with Gordy (episode #63, 73, and 95 are when we talked about Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, and Star Wars, The Force Awakens).

Today, we talk all about Batman vs. Superman so be forewarned, **SPOILERS** abound in this episode of The Brick Room.  Was the movie any good?  Grab your beer, listen in, and find out.

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