Episode #108: Bracket of Badassery – Sgt. Apone vs Mac

After taking last week off to have a very important discussion about the new release of Batman vs Superman we’re back to the Bracket of Badassery this week.  When we last left our competition Ellen Ripley was facing off against Carl Weathers in what turned out to be an incredibly close match up.  Who won?

Ellen Ripley was the victor.  Not to take anything away from her win, but that was a close match and Carl Weathers has nothing to be ashamed about.

This week we find yet another match-up between the Aliens and Predator movie franchises.  Sgt. Apone, from Aliens, faces off against Mac, from Predator.  These two dudes are both totally badass, but only one can be the most badass.  Who will it be?  Grab your beer and listen in to find out.

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