Episode #114: Bracket Of Badassery – Apone vs. Ripley

We delve into the Bracket of Badassery once more to continue our quest to find out who is the most badass character from all of action movies.  This week we have special guest Chris Daily on the podcast to help us sort out the difficult problem of determining who is more badass between Sgt. Apone, from Aliens, and Ellen Ripley, from Aliens.  That’s right, two characters from the same movie are facing off against each other this week!

Last time we did a bracket match up we found out who is more badass between Max, from Mad Max: Fury Road, and Dutch, from Predator.  That was a tough match up but ultimately the victor was Max.  And so, with Max’s victory the Bracket stands like this:


Join us now and listen in as we decide the next match up:  Ellen Ripley vs. Sgt. Apone.  Let the Bracket of Badassery continue in its badassness!

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