Episode 116 BondyMon Go!

We’re back! Hey guys, now that we’re back we decided to tackle a very important, socially heavy subject. Pokemon Go.  We recorded this on a Sunday a week and a half from the release of the Poke-Craze sweeping the world. We may not be the most knowledgeable about Pokemon but we’re pretty knowledgeable about a lot of other things…

We cover how the future of business in regards to Pokemon Go’s GPS shenanigans, the fall out to people using the game while not paying attention and the potential for the future of gaming itself…

Also, we made some Comic Con 2016 predictions as well…

Also, when we start talking about the types of people who would use Pokemon Go long-term you can hear a loud mouth dude we’ve never seen at the bar, talk super loud after noticing out gear…

Let us know what you think!


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