Episode #127 – Sport

Hey guys! This week we talk a little about film but we also talk about sport (as the British call it. This isn’t actually referenced at all this episode) and what actually goes through a peak athletes brain as they perform basically miracles with their bodies. Football players are basically human car accidents too… FYI…

ALSO!… There’s a new game show that we’re certain will not be on the air in the near future called “The Wall”, a giant plinko styled competition… We get into that a bit…

Which cause us to talk about Reality TV and how it may be a good thing if applied to something like NASA.

Which leads us to thinking about which famous people will be the first to go be famous in space.

What do you guys think? Is the future of NASA basically VH1? Let us know!

Finally, to Elon Musk, you can go a head and let us know too, what you think about our plan.

Thanks and enjoy!




Episode #126: Selling and 3d Printing

You’re a salesman.  What’s the best way to approach a customer?  Do you walk up and say, “Do you have any questions about that merchandise?”  That’s a direct way of opening a conversation.  The customer is looking at your products and you offer to help.  Or, is it better to start with some small talk?  We discuss this in today’s podcast and Marc brings up some sales techniques he was taught during his time working on the sales floor of a big store.

Of course, after this discussion we move to talk about 3D printing and how 3D printers can be used to help commit crime.  3D printers are the crime tool of the future.  We think so because one day people will be able to print a gun in their home.  No more buying illegal firearms from the trunk of a car if you’re a bad dude looking to commit crime.  You’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your own home.  We suppose 3D printers will also be able to print other stuff but we just like talking about guns.

Grab your drink and listen in.  You might learn a think or two about how to be an efficient salesman (or an efficient criminal).


Episode #125: Vaccines, Fast Food, and Being Fat

Did you get your flu vaccine?  In today’s podcast we talk a little bit about vaccines and where they come from.  Then we get down to business and talk about food and getting fat.

When is food fast food and when is it not?  This is an important matter and we solve the mystery today.  We also talk about vegans.

Then we switch topics and talk about getting fat and being fat.  Why is it that things that are good for us aren’t automatically appealing, but things that are bad for us are very appealing.  Drinking booze, eating sugar, and eating fast food are all very attractive in some way, but not good for our bodies.  Whereas getting plenty of sleep and exercise and eating right is undeniably good, but not always the most attractive option.  Is there any answer?  Of course, just eat right and exercise.  It’s so hard to do though…  Listen in as we face our demons (while drinking beer).