Episode #122: Halloween

It’s time for a spoooooooky Brick Room episode!  Well, maybe not spooky, but about Halloween anyway.  We talk this week about one of favorite holidays.  We discuss, costumes, which candy is the best, which is the best day of the week for Halloween to occur on.  Basically, we just talk about all kinds of Halloween stuff.  Grab some of the candy you got this year and listen to this:


Episode #90: Video Games

Video games are not like real life.  Nevertheless, that does not stop video game designers from trying to make them more and more realistic.  However, as the games become more realistic, it becomes easier for the games to shatter their own suspension of disbelief.  In other words, as the games become more realistic the more they stand out in the ways in which they aren’t realistic.  We believe it’s often easier to have an immersive experience playing a less realistic game.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments.

We also discuss a game called DayZ and the ways in which its intense realism has resulted in one of the most interesting experiments in human behavior and human psychology ever.  How do people behave when they are anonymous?  When there are no consequences?  When they can basically do anything they want and have power over other people?  Join us as we discuss the dark side of human nature and learn just how awful everyone will really be in the event of a societal collapse.

Best of The Brick Room: Marc’s Birthday and Prostituting

What does Marc’s birthday have to do with prostituting?  Nothing.  But his birthday is this weekend so we have taken the weekend off recording so he can have birthday revels.  Instead, we are posting a best of episode and the episode is about prostituting.  The worlds oldest profession is interesting and we talk about it.  We also discuss what it’s like to be rich and the future of life with google glass, smart watches, and other tech accessories.  Enjoy this episode, we’ll be back with new content next week.

Episode #85: Cereal and Advertising

It’s football season, everyone.  What’s that mean?  It means The Regal Beagle (where we record all our podcasts) is open two hours earlier on Sundays.  It also means they are serving burritos, in honor of football season.  So heads up:  if you live in San Diego and want to watch football and eat a burrito, come to the Regal Beagle.

Speaking of food.  This week we talk about the horrible food we ate as kids.  Basically, our diets consisted mostly of sugar.  Sometimes that sugar was flavored.  Sometimes it was wrapped in other sugar.  It’s amazing we survived.  We also talk about how doctors and scientists can’t make up their minds about what’s good for you.  Don’t eat eggs.  No, just kidding, eat eggs.  Just don’t eat fat.  Actually, you need some fat, so eat it.  Make up your mind, doctors.

Finally, we talk about advertising.  Basically it comes down to this:  there are some commercials that are so bad it guarantees that we will never, ever buy the product they are advertising.  Also, we come up with our own line of truly awesome toys for girls.  We call it our Natasha Romanoff line of toys.  If you are a little girl, especially if you have an older brother, you will want these toys.  They’ll be on sale in our Etsy store soon.  And, since everything eventually comes back to Star Wars we talk about how Princess Leia is a lot cooler than, and tougher, then many people give her credit for.  Grab your drinks, Brick Room Listeners.  Go football!

Episode #84: The Terminator Isn’t Evil


Hello, everyone!  We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.  We did and now we’re back with all new content.  In this week’s podcast we talk about ‘flow’.  Flow is a term some people use to describe the focused mental state people will go into when they are performing a task at their optimal level.  You’ve probably experienced this.  Maybe you were writing something, or building something or playing a sport and time seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.  You completely lost yourself in the activity.  Not only did time fly by but while you were doing whatever it was you were doing you were completely present in the moment, focused on your surroundings, and everything seemed easy.  Athletes seek to find this mental state when they play their sport.  We wonder, can drinking help you to achieve this state of intense awareness and focus?

Next we talk about the Terminator, and here’s the thing:  the Terminator isn’t evil.  It’s just following its programming.  It’s a machine.  The humans in the Terminator movies, however, are dicks.  We also talk about Michael Biehn and how much we are fans of his.  Michael, we love you.

Finally, we wrap things up by talking about sequels and prequels that don’t need to be made.  As much as we looked forward to Promethius we both agree that the franchise didn’t need that movie.  Similarly, Blade Runner, Top Gun, and Independence Day don’t need sequels either.  Perhaps we’ll have to start writing more movies and save Hollywood from their age old nemesis:  rehashing shit.  Grab your drink, listen to the show, and then tell your friends about us.  Thanks for listening.

Episode #78: Undead Creatures And Accents w/ Eric Sablan

Previous guest, Eric Sablan, is back for this week’s episode of the Brick Room.  The conversation starts off with the disgusting ways fast food companies come up with to make new menu items and the damage those “food” items can wreak on your digestive system.  Then the conversation turns to zombies.  On a previous episode of the Brick Room Eric pointed out that just about any monster or undead creature can be killed by cutting off its head or stabbing it through the heart, therefore, any creature you kill should be killed in that manner.  Solid advice.  Today we discuss the best cities to survive the apocalypse in, as well the fashion sense of zombies and other undead creatures.  Following that we observe how the internet is turning people into impatient ignorant assholes and then discuss what a Golden Girls themed bar would look like.  Finally, we finish up by talking about accents and impressions and doing a few of our own.  Brace yourselves, I don’t think any of us will be performing as impersonators in Vegas any time soon.  Grab a drink and thanks for listening!

Episode #47: A Tale Of Three Bondies

Welcome back Brick Room listeners.  We took last weekend off but now we’re back, and not only that, we have a special episode today.  Today’s episode comes to you from three different cities.  Marc does the podcast from San Francisco, Chris does it from San Diego, and we bring back our friend Eric who calls in from Chicago.  Eric has been on the podcast before and is an incredibly talented improviser, as well as a dear friend to both of us.  So grab your beer and sit back to listen to our three city podcast.