Episode #132: Michael Cera

It’s our belief that it should be a rare thing to remake a movie.  However, if a movie is going to be remade Michael Cera should be a part of that remake.  At least, that’s our contention and discussion for this week’s episode of the Brick Room.  We recorded this awhile ago, so apologies if some stuff is out of date, but Michael Cera always holds up.

Episode #130: Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Which universe is cooler?  Star Wars or Harry Potter?  Is a Jedi more powerful than a wizard?

More than anything else, these are the questions on everyone’s mind right now in this country and The Brick Room is here to help you learn the answers.

Disclaimer, this podcast was recorded a few weeks ago so some comments may be out of date, but Star Wars and Harry Potter are timeless.  Grab a glass of blue milk or butterbeer (whichever you prefer) and listen in as we solve the world’s problems.

Episode #128: The Future Is Now!

According to Back To The Future II, we should have self lacing shoes, flying cars, food rehydration machines, and all sorts of other cool stuff by now.  In fact, we should have had all that stuff by 2015.  If the terminator movies are to be believed the entire world should a post apocalyptic wasteland right now.  What other movie predictions have failed to come true?  Are there any movie prediction that have come true?  Of course there are hundreds of movies that make predictions about the future and we can’t cover them all, but Marc found a website that lists some of these predictions, in “movie world” chronological order.

In this week’s podcast we explore some of those predictions and compare them to our actual reality.  If Stanley Kubrick could predict the future we would have had enormous spaceships flying manned missions to Jupiter by 2001.  That obviously didn’t happen.  What else didn’t happen.  Listen in and find out.

Episode #126: Selling and 3d Printing

You’re a salesman.  What’s the best way to approach a customer?  Do you walk up and say, “Do you have any questions about that merchandise?”  That’s a direct way of opening a conversation.  The customer is looking at your products and you offer to help.  Or, is it better to start with some small talk?  We discuss this in today’s podcast and Marc brings up some sales techniques he was taught during his time working on the sales floor of a big store.

Of course, after this discussion we move to talk about 3D printing and how 3D printers can be used to help commit crime.  3D printers are the crime tool of the future.  We think so because one day people will be able to print a gun in their home.  No more buying illegal firearms from the trunk of a car if you’re a bad dude looking to commit crime.  You’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your own home.  We suppose 3D printers will also be able to print other stuff but we just like talking about guns.

Grab your drink and listen in.  You might learn a think or two about how to be an efficient salesman (or an efficient criminal).


Episode #124: Lethal Weapon

Did you know the movie Lethal Weapon has been turned into a TV show that is broadcasting now?  Chris didn’t realize that but Marc did, and he’s even seen a few of the episodes.  In this week’s episode of the Brick Room we talk about the Lethal Weapon movies and the TV show.  We talk about the special relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh, as well as some ways that criminals can make a lot of money.

We also discuss movie deaths.  What happens if your character gets shot in a  movie?  Does it make a difference if you are shot with a bullet vs an arrow?  As it turns out, it does.  If you could choose between being shot with a bullet or an arrow in a movie universe which one would you pick?  You should choose to be shot by the bullet.  I know, it sounds like being shot by a gun would be worse than being shot by a bow and arrow but trust me, if you are a character in a movie you do not want to be shot with an arrow.  We talk all about it and explain why that is in this week’s podcast.  Grab your drink, avoid the bows and arrows, and listen in.


Episode #122: Halloween

It’s time for a spoooooooky Brick Room episode!  Well, maybe not spooky, but about Halloween anyway.  We talk this week about one of favorite holidays.  We discuss, costumes, which candy is the best, which is the best day of the week for Halloween to occur on.  Basically, we just talk about all kinds of Halloween stuff.  Grab some of the candy you got this year and listen to this:


Episode 118 – The Olympics!


Hey everyone! First thing is first: We recorded this podcast on August 14th, before certain information was discovered. Read below and listen for the thrilling conclusion!

We’re back this week with a very international Brick Room! We’ve got Olympic fever and not the kind that you’ll get while swimming in Rio.

We did some research this week for once, fell for click bait, and discussed the status of competing in such a seemingly dangerous place with toxic water and gun play.

We talk about the peak of human achievement as well as find ways to fix the Olympics by adding, combining and improving events because it’s what we do here at The Brick Room.

Since the recording, however, it has come to light that Ryan Lochte wasn’t dumb for talking back to an armed robber but rather for reporting a false crime while being a public figure at an event that is watched by, literally, people all over the world.

Also, what the hell is up with all of this flooding?

Take a listen and let us know what you think!