Episode #121: Relationships and Gordy

Brick Room guest Gordy is back for this episode as we mostly talk about relationships.  Marc just got married and we talk about married life, single life, and relationships in general.  We also wonder, how long is it acceptable for a couple to refer to themselves as “Newlyweds”?

Previous to all this relationship talk we open up the podcast talking about Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.  The world of video entertainment is changing all the time and we discuss the interesting content these services are bringing to the table and how they are affecting the TV business.  We also discuss commercials and what happens to actors that hit it big as a commercial spokesman.

Finally, we finish up the podcast with a round of “What if?”, which is probably Gordy’s favorite game.

Grab your beer, listen in, and play a little What if? with us.

Episode #42: Advertising

Brick Room Listeners, what do you think of commercials?  We have plenty of opinions about the things we watch on TV in between what we are watching on TV.  Those advertisers are ingenious, but not as ingenious as the Brick Room.  Tune in for a discussion of the fine art of advertising, preceded by a discussion of the fine art of drinking.