Episode #129: More Sports!

It’s that time again, everyone! That’s right, a new Brick Room! We are par for the course this week where we talk about the similarities between Football and Sex in the City (yeah, I know!)

We get into sports again and explore how they would be played in different weather conditions and which conditions would be the best!

We get talking about Canadians and their Capt. America parallel as well…

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Episode #43: Football and Sports

Happy football season.  Football is back and so is The Brick Room.  We don’t really know anything about football.  But that’s ok!  We have plenty of other stuff to talk about.  How about the Olympics and the nature of sports fandom in general?  Ok, so we talk about sports a little bit, but as quasi-interested/uninterested sports fans we certainly have our take.  Listen in and hear it.

Episode #34: Sports Improvement

Do you have complaints about football, soccer, bull riding, and countless other sports that are not being run as well as they could be?  Do you sometimes wish you could get the commissioners or the governing bodies of those sports in a room and shake some sense into them?  Well, be frustrated no longer because Marc and I are frustrated for you, and we have the answers to fix the current problems that plague almost every professional sport being played today.  Don’t be frustrated.  Relax, get a beer, and listen to the brick room.

Also, check out the cool homemade iPhone stand Marc made from commonly found pub supplies.

iPhone Stand from coasters

iPhone Stand from coasters