Episode #131: The Future Is Now, Part II

In today’s podcast we continue our discussion from a few episodes ago and talk about things that should have happened by now in our real world if the world of movies was true.  For instance, if the events of 2001, A Space Odyssey, and it’s sequel, 2010, are true then we should have massive spacecraft traveling throughout our solar system right now.  What else should we have that we are missing out on.  Today, we figure it out.

Brick Room regular, Gordy, is back for this episode that was, admittedly, recorded some time ago.  Forgive us.  Our hectic lives interrupted our regular recording and posting schedule, but we are correcting that and you can count on regular content from The Brick Room moving forward.

Episode #130: Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Which universe is cooler?  Star Wars or Harry Potter?  Is a Jedi more powerful than a wizard?

More than anything else, these are the questions on everyone’s mind right now in this country and The Brick Room is here to help you learn the answers.

Disclaimer, this podcast was recorded a few weeks ago so some comments may be out of date, but Star Wars and Harry Potter are timeless.  Grab a glass of blue milk or butterbeer (whichever you prefer) and listen in as we solve the world’s problems.

Episode #121: Relationships and Gordy

Brick Room guest Gordy is back for this episode as we mostly talk about relationships.  Marc just got married and we talk about married life, single life, and relationships in general.  We also wonder, how long is it acceptable for a couple to refer to themselves as “Newlyweds”?

Previous to all this relationship talk we open up the podcast talking about Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.  The world of video entertainment is changing all the time and we discuss the interesting content these services are bringing to the table and how they are affecting the TV business.  We also discuss commercials and what happens to actors that hit it big as a commercial spokesman.

Finally, we finish up the podcast with a round of “What if?”, which is probably Gordy’s favorite game.

Grab your beer, listen in, and play a little What if? with us.

Episode #74: Jurassic World Review w/ Casey and Gordy, Part 2

Jurassic World Review

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.  We had so much to say about Jurassic World in our last episode that we split the conversation in two, much like a T-Rex might split a bloodsucking lawyer.  Here’s part two.  In this episode we get more in depth about specific plot points from the film.  We also talk more about why some of us really liked the movie and why others didn’t.  What did you think of the movie?  Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share The Brick Room with your friends.


Episode #73: Jurassic World Review w/ Casey and Gordy, Part 1

Jurassic World Review

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!  In today’s podcast we talk about Jurassic World.  This podcast is packed with spoilers for the movie.  A few weeks ago we talked about our expectations for Jurassic World based on trailers and promotional material we had seen.  If you’ve heard that podcast you know our expectations were set pretty low.  After seeing the movie we decided to bring back Gordy and our friend Casey to talk about what the movie was really like.  Did the Brick Room predictions come true?  Is the movie any good?  We had a lot to say about it.  So much, in fact, that we’ve split this episode into two parts. Listen to Part 1 today and come back Wednesday to hear Part 2!