Episode #127 – Sport

Hey guys! This week we talk a little about film but we also talk about sport (as the British call it. This isn’t actually referenced at all this episode) and what actually goes through a peak athletes brain as they perform basically miracles with their bodies. Football players are basically human car accidents too… FYI…

ALSO!… There’s a new game show that we’re certain will not be on the air in the near future called “The Wall”, a giant plinko styled competition… We get into that a bit…

Which cause us to talk about Reality TV and how it may be a good thing if applied to something like NASA.

Which leads us to thinking about which famous people will be the first to go be famous in space.

What do you guys think? Is the future of NASA basically VH1? Let us know!

Finally, to Elon Musk, you can go a head and let us know too, what you think about our plan.

Thanks and enjoy!




Episode #89: What Could Vegas Buy?


How much money do the casinos in Las Vegas make in one year?  We know it’s a lot of money.  What could all the casinos in Vegas buy with one years worth of profits?  Could they build a space station?  Could they fund NASA?  Cure a disease?  Marc went to Vegas for his birthday and his experience in that city got us wondering about these questions and others.  For this week’s Brick Room we both came up with a list of things that were really expensive that we thought Vegas might be able to buy outright or buy in a few years.  Then, during the podcast, we looked up the yearly profits for the casinos in Vegas and compared that number with our research.  So, what could Las Vegas buy with a years worth of profits?  Grab your drink, listen in, and find out.

Episode #45: Advancement Through Beer

Hey everyone, we’re back at the Regal Beagle and we’re drinking beer.  There is a beer you should know about called Treasure Chest which donates a portion of it’s proceeds to fight breast cancer.   We think every public interest project should be funded, in part, from beer proceeds and we discuss how NASA can capitalize on this idea to jump us forward in space technology.  We also have an interesting discussion on the future of space travel and space tourism.  Give us a listen and drink beer for society.

Episode #10: Wood and NASA

Hey! Welcome back, us! And you. Hope your end of December time was good and fun! Our podcast is a bit late due to extensive time spent with family (drinking), celebrating the holidays (drinking), and wishing good for our fellow man (drinking). This week’s podcast is all about famous sayings, types of wood, the furniture experience and NASA. Enjoy!