Episode #121: Relationships and Gordy

Brick Room guest Gordy is back for this episode as we mostly talk about relationships.  Marc just got married and we talk about married life, single life, and relationships in general.  We also wonder, how long is it acceptable for a couple to refer to themselves as “Newlyweds”?

Previous to all this relationship talk we open up the podcast talking about Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.  The world of video entertainment is changing all the time and we discuss the interesting content these services are bringing to the table and how they are affecting the TV business.  We also discuss commercials and what happens to actors that hit it big as a commercial spokesman.

Finally, we finish up the podcast with a round of “What if?”, which is probably Gordy’s favorite game.

Grab your beer, listen in, and play a little What if? with us.

Episode #26: A Special Episode!

Welcome back everybody!  This week’s Brick Room is a very special episode because we do an interview with our friend, Greg, who happened to be celebrating his birthday at the same time we were recording.  This week’s episode is recorded INSIDE the Regal Beagle (instead of on their patio) and we get so deep inside Greg’s mind.  Greg is a great interview and we had a lot of fun with this episode.

Full disclosure:  We were having some trouble with our audio recorder this week so the sound cuts out for about a second around the 10:43 mark, but we pick right back up.  Also, we apologize for the sound quality, there is a lot of background noise.  We’ll probably be sticking to the patio in the future.  Hope you enjoy the show, thanks for listening!