Episode #130: Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Which universe is cooler?  Star Wars or Harry Potter?  Is a Jedi more powerful than a wizard?

More than anything else, these are the questions on everyone’s mind right now in this country and The Brick Room is here to help you learn the answers.

Disclaimer, this podcast was recorded a few weeks ago so some comments may be out of date, but Star Wars and Harry Potter are timeless.  Grab a glass of blue milk or butterbeer (whichever you prefer) and listen in as we solve the world’s problems.

Episode 119 – Lando’s Cape

Who’s the smoothest in the Galaxy? Lando. Obviously.

We talk Star Wars again in this podcast, starting with Marc’s cosplay plans to how much we just want to follow Lando around.

Also, I guess we’re #DonaldForLando now…

We also discuss the trend of remaking/rebooting movies including Ben Hur, a movie that has been remade into oblivion…

We also cover the all important question as to ‘Why?’… Why all of the remakes and what should never be remade (Star Wars) and what should be remade. We go over a few movies that could another pass over and be remade…

Also, disaster movies are almost immune to remakes…unless you’re Backdraft…

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think! If you don’t think Donald Glover would make a good young Lando, let us know how it feels to be wrong about everything in your life…

Thanks for listening!


Episode #102: Pop Culture Seriousness

Some TV shows really work, others don’t.  Some special effects look amazing and others look cheesy.  Some video games are enthralling, others can’t hold your interest.  Why?  Obviously, there are many reasons why a project in any particular medium might be successful, or not.  Here at The Brick Room, we think one of those reasons is how seriously a TV show, or movie, or video game takes itself.  Projects in entertainment need to strike a consistent tone.  If your film is meant to be really gritty and dark and takes itself super seriously, then it ruins audience suspension of disbelief if characters then take actions or display abilities that are not consistent with real life.  Even more so if character actions and abilities are not consistent within that film’s own universe.  We start off our discussion today with the first example that pops into our heads:  the Call of Duty series of video games.  Whatever that series started out as, it’s a joke now.  A parody of itself.  Part of the reason that happened is because the games take themselves very seriously and, on the one hand, attempt to achieve a high degree of realism but then, on the other hand, pack both the story line and the gameplay with an ever increasing amount of unbelievable and downright absurd shit.  Suspension of disbelief is lowered and enjoyment of the game is decreased because the audience can never figure out what the tone of the game is supposed to be.  We move on from this to discuss several other examples from pop culture that suffer from the sin of taking themselves to seriously.  Grab your drink, take a listen, and then tell us your thoughts in the comments section of this blog, or on iTunes.  Thanks for listening!

Episode #95: Star Wars Review

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!  This episode is loaded with spoilers for Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.

We saw the movie.  In this week’s episode we talk all about it.  We realize that not everyone has seen the movie yet (it’s only been out a couple days) so we also recorded another podcast for this week that has no spoilers.  In fact, it has nothing at all to do with Star Wars.  So, if you’ve seen the movie, take a listen and hear what we have to say.  Then leave us a comment or send us an email and chime in with your own thoughts.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, seriously don’t listen to this podcast, listen to Episode #96 instead.  Or better yet, go see The Force Awakens.


Episode #94

Happy December! This week we’re all over the place (typical) and we discuss why Vader is so kill-happy in Episode V as opposed to being docile in Episode IV, hover-boards vs speeder bikes and how we should deal with sports stars.

Let us know what you think and if you want us to discuss anything special, let us know!

Episode #88: Harry Potter is Science Fiction

Brick Room Listeners, we hope you had a good weekend, especially if you’re one of those lucky people that got a three day weekend.  We start this week’s episode talking about words of wisdom.  What sayings, that we commonly use today, will be looked back on in future times as being important?  Then we move on to time travel and the different types of time travel used in movies and storytelling.  Which brings us to Harry Potter and Star Wars.  We learn an important lesson in The Brick Room today which is this:  Star Wars films are fantasy movies about magic and the Harry Potter films are Science Fiction movies.  It’s true.  Don’t believe us?  You need to listen.  Finally, we talk about what makes a person cool and what makes a sport a sport as opposed to just a game.  Is there any reason poker is televised on ESPN but Jenga isn’t?  Why are soccer and hockey olympic sports but dodgeball isn’t?  Get your drink and join us for the discussion.

Episode #77: Money


This week’s podcast is all about cash money.  Marc and Chris start off talking about radio voices, then quickly get into a discussion about money and how much space it takes up.  How much would a million dollars weigh?  If you robbed a bank how many bags would you need to carry a million dollars?  Two million dollars?  The guys also talk about currency in coin form. Would it be better if our one and five dollar pieces were coins instead of bills?  Marc and Chris also come to the conclusion that the US Treasury should reintroduce the 500 dollar bill.  Finally, the discussion turns to Star Wars because in the end, everything is always about Star Wars.  The guys talk about Republic Credits and paying your way in a galaxy far, far away,